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Gear Club Podcast

Mar 31, 2017

On our trip to SXSW, John and Stew sat down with, Freddy Fletcher - owner of the iconic Arlyn Studios. From Willie Nelson to Austin City Limits, Freddy Fletcher has been at the center of Austin's cultural explosion over the last three decades.

Mar 25, 2017

John and Stewart continue their chat with the prolific inventor and founder of Eventide, Richard Factor. Learn about iconic studio gear like the 1745 DDL (one of the first Digital Delay lines), the Instant Phaser, Omnipressor®, and the H910 Harmonizer®.


Mar 10, 2017

This week, John and Stewart are joined by prolific inventor, visionary and founder of Eventide, Richard Factor.  Part one of the interview features Richard’s formative years - from his pre-teen experiments in ham radio, which interfered with the neighbor’s TV reception to his ‘phone freak’ adventure that...

Mar 6, 2017

Just what is being reversed at the beginning of "Ogre Battle"? Take a closer look at Queen's epic song with John and Stewart. With aggressive guitars and vocal harmonies - and an over-the-top premise - the song is classic Queen. "Ogre Battle" further captions a moment when Queen entered a new level in their recordings,...