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Gear Club Podcast

Jun 5, 2019

In this final installment of our 3 part series recorded at the legendary Electric Lady Studios the guys sit down with James Brown & John O’Mahony in John’s mix room at Electric Lady. These 2 friends came to NYC from abroad looking to become part of the city’s vibrant studio & music scene. John initially found a home at Chung King Studios, & spent time working as a mix engineer for Andy Wallace. He maintains a keen focus on mixing, lending his talents to the likes of Coldplay, Sara Bareilles, & Metric. James has & continues to fill many roles in the studio, from mixing in 5.1 for Nine Inch Nails shorty after arriving in NY, to engineering & mixing the Foo Fighters in 8 different cities for the album & HBO television series, Sonic Highways. Taking different journeys through their careers, each found success with a passion & dedication to their art, and offer their own special insights into production, process, and the ever changing landscape of the music industry.